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NuaFund helps clients with funding for their research and innovation projects and ideas. Our team has grown steadily and gained a reputation for excellence and professionalism. Based in rural Cork, Ireland, we offer personalised and tailored services to our clients.

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Our knowledge and experience will guide you to your next funding milestone.

    NuaFund, formerly known as Eur Digital Village was founded in 2017 by Elizabeth Gavin. The company has evolved into a distinguished consultancy specializing in facilitating organizations and companies to leverage EU funding opportunities. With a remarkable career spanning 19 years within various EU institutions across Brussels and The Hague, Elizabeth's aim is to bring EU funding to projects contributing to a more sustainable future whilst creating positive social outcomes.

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Transforming Ideas into Reality! Our consultancy is your partner in securing funding for innovative solutions to today's challenges. Join us to create lasting impact and fund a better future together!

Spearheading Change


In a world driven by the urgency of change, NuaFund emerges as a trailblazing force, pioneering innovation and sustainability at the nexus of Circular Economy, and the Bioeconomy (covering Agriculture, Marine and Forestry sectors). At NuaFund, we're not just consultants; we're champions of change for social good and the relentless pursuit of a better tomorrow.

  • Expertise that Unlocks Doors - Behind every EU funding success story lies a depth of expertise, strategy, and insight. At NuaFund, we don't just guide you through the funding labyrinth – we take you from inception to victory.

  • Sustainability as our North Star - Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us – it's the very fabric of our existence and is woven into our DNA. Every application we craft, every project we champion, carries the essence of a planet nurtured.

Success Stories

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Report Writing

Expertise in Report Research and Drafting

Our team has worked on a number of reports to support the work of clients, often joining at the very early stages and therefore, supporting the conception of the report, the research that needs to be undertaken and how the report will look, what target readership is in view and how it can best be delivered.

Some examples of recent reports we have delivered include:

Circular bioeconomy, outlook study 2030-2050 in support of climate action, sustainable food and bio-based systems 

This report was published as part of the EPA Research Programme 2021-2030. The EPA Research Programme is a Government of Ireland initiative funded by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications.
The main aim of the report was to provide an outlook on the potential of a Circular Bioeconomy to support climate action, sustainable food, and bio-based systems over the 2030 to 2050 period.

Collaborating on Climate: Bioeconomy and Sustainable Agriculture Research and Innovation across the UK and Ireland

This report prepared for the British Embassy, showcases the examples of existing research and innovation activity in the areas of Bioeconomy and Sustainable Agriculture in the UK and Ireland. It makes recommendations on sustainable agriculture research and innovation needs. It seeks to identify key opportunities for future collaboration across different areas of agriculture. It gives a snapshot of Ireland and UK projects in these areas and their potential contribution to the development of climate neutral farming of the future.

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NuaFund is lucky to have a great team in place with various experience and know-how to deliver a high level of service to our clients.